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Corporate/Community Donors

Ken Weiss Schwab Charitable Trust$27,400
Community Preservation Historical Grant$17,635
Friends of the Heritage Museum$15,713
Provincetown Visitor Services Board$5,000
David Colburn Memorial Fund$2,285
King Hiram's Lodge$250

Individual Donors

David Dunlap$8,500
Greg Craig$1,000
David Mayo$1,000
Howard Richmond$500
Berta Walker$500
Alison Hyder$250
Bill Schneider$250
Pam French & Lyn Kratz$200
Debra DeJonker-Berry & Dana Berry$100
Marcia Fair & Joyce Guide$100
Doug Johnstone & Edward Terrill$100
Richard Olson$100

In Memory of John Whorf

Greg Craig$500
J. Boras$25

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