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Pilgrim's Guide to Provincetown

Pilgrim's Guide to Provincetown
"A Modern Pilgrim's Guide to Provincetown" is a 27-page tourist guide published by Paul Smith in Provincetown MA in 1937, including two maps, very interesting notes on the Town Crier, Provincetown history, historic houses and building, artists and writers, local geographic features including roads and dunes, fishing, other items such as Commercial Street, fire protection and addresses of notable homes and buildings. Photo by Jeremiah Diggs and Prints from Linoleum Cuts by Saul Yalkert.
Paul Smith
Art, Cape Cod (Mass.) Description and travel, Cape Cod (Mass.) History, Cape Cod houses, Commercial Street (Provincetown, Mass.), Cottages, Fisheries--Massachusetts--Provincetown--History, Guesthouses, and Historic buildings--Massachusetts-Provincetown

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