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Kelly’s Corner 204 – The Original Dr. Daniel Hiebert

Kelly’s Corner  204 – The Original Dr. Daniel Hiebert
“When one begins to write an article on Dr. Daniel Hiebert, Provincetown's General Practitioner for over half a century, it can easily become a continuous column for this entire 2000 season. The numerous stories, the personal testimonies, even the stale dry facts of history could support the season. The doorbell started to ring at 8 AM with office calls until 10 AM . From 10 AM to Noon it was house calls. Then he at dinner, his main meal-thin walls away from the anxiety of the afflicted waiting to be seen and tended to. In the afternoon the office was open to all and in the evenings he returned to house calls. Dr. Hiebert was especially adamant about sick children not having to travel to his office when they needed the comfort of their beds and family.”

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