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Kelly’s Corner 203 – Spend a Night at Race Point Light

Kelly’s Corner  203 – Spend a Night at Race Point Light
“Members of N.E.L.F., the New England Lighthouse Foundation, strategized a plan and a proposal which was presented to and accepted by the U.S. Coast Guard. NELF would restore and make livable the Keeper's House and open it to the public as a tool of education, enrichment and enjoyment in a unique experience on a most unique spot on the globe. The Coast Guard awarded a 15 year lease to NELF, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and educational benefits of lighthouses. You can rent one or all of the three upstairs rooms. You can stay a night, two nights, a week living in this spot of beauty far from "civilization" but equipped with the amenities of lights, hot and cold running water and heat.”
Race Point--Massachusetts--Provincetown and United States Coast Guard

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