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Kelly’s Corner 131 - Madame returns to Provincetown.

Kelly’s Corner 131 - Madame returns to Provincetown.
Jan Kelly writes a weekly column for Provincetown Magazine. Guess who's back! Madame! Madame shrieks, "I'm Madame and this is Wayland. He's no ventriloquist and I'm no fu-- dummy! And if the word F---bothers you, you'd better leave now." At the end of a perfect show, Wayland sings to Madame "I love you just the way you are." Saccharine smiles and tears throughout the audience. Then add Jiffy the Harlem Hooker with her wild earrings, her green to orange chiffon garb, side glancing a negative "Uh-uh." She thought Madama and Crazy Mary were beyond hope. She just had a job to do and those girls were reckless-the madwomen of Challot! Well, all three are home again in Provincetown.
Provincetown Magazine

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