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Womantide - Summer/Fall 1985

Womantide - Summer/Fall 1985
"Womantide" magazine - Summer/Fall edition 1985. The magazine was published quarterly and edited by Sherry Dranch, and Randy Turoff. Contains articles on politics, essays, interviews, poems and photography. Onetime editor and volunteer for Womantide Magazine Sherry Dranch reports that "Womantide started as a local newsletter for lesbians, at a time when the New York Times, for example, had yet to print the actual word 'lesbian' in its pages. The women's business community and other supporters, gay and straight, made many donations and paid for back-page listings to defray expenses. Readers looking at these issues of Womantide will find evidence of a very intense gay community in 1980's Provincetown, and find valuable information on the lesbian culture of the period." Womantide Magazine was published in Provincetown from 1982 to 1986.
Advertising, Art, Essays, Poetry, and Business

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