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Journal of a Whaling Voyage (Seamen)

Journal of a Whaling Voyage (Seamen)
A list of the seamen referenced in the Journal of the Schooner E.H. Hatfield of Provincetown, Mass., as kept by Charles F. Keith Commander/Ship's Master. The Journal covers two voyages of the Schooner Hatfield from Provincetown - the first from November 1865 until October 1866, and the second from January 16, 1867 until sometime in the fall of 1868. Ship's Master Keith identified seamen when they were unable to work due to illness or injury, or when they deserted ship (primarily due to drinking too much during shore leave). The list of seamen includes those of Portugese descent. Prepared by History Project Volunteer Julia L. Perry
Sailors, Schooners, Whaling, Whaling masters, Whaling--Massachusetts--History, and Whaling--Massachusetts--Provincetown--History

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