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Miscellaneous newspaper articles - 1978-1980

Miscellaneous newspaper articles - 1978-1980
Collection of newspaper articles between 1978 and 1980. The first concerns the Selectmen's wish to fire Veteran's agent, Joel O'Brien. Second article is about the public needing to be heard at meetings. Next is an editorial by E.J. Kahn III. The fourth article is about a memo from Town Manager Charles Cobb chiding Town Hall employees for taking too much personal time during the day. Then an article about town meeting being in jeopardy due to procedural errors. Another editorial by E. J. Kahn III, this one involving the municipal employees bargaining group and conflicts of interest. Then a Cape Cod Times article about the Provincetown selectment barring the Finance Committee representative from meetings with the town employees union. Next, two letters to the editor by Paul Christo regarding his possible run for selectman and his annoyance with the way things are done in Provincetown. Following is an article about Charles Cobb's resignation. Then a piece about the fishermen protesting fees on MacMillan Wharf. Another article about building a modern fish plant in town. Followed by an article on Brewster being interested in the fish plant proposal as well.
Atlantic Fisherman, Barnstable County (Mass.) History, Cape Cod (Mass.) History, Editorials, Fish trade--Massachusetts--Provincetown, Fishing villages--Massachusetts--Provincetown, Harbors--Provincetown--Mass, Industries, MacMillan Wharf (Provincetown, Mass.), Provincetown (Mass.) Selectmen, Provincetown (Mass.)--History--20th century, and Provincetown Advocate

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