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Joyce Johnson Interviews Martha Dunigan (2-2-2001)

Joyce Johnson Interviews Martha Dunigan (2-2-2001)
Joyce Johnson WOMR "Sands of Time" interview with Martha Dunigan on February 2, 2001. Provincetown Printmaker/Sculptor who was born here, moved away, and returned to retire here. Member of the Malicoat Artist Legacy; daughter of artists Phillip and Barbara Malicoat, sister of contemporary, Conrad Malicoat. Her father built an artist’s studio at the food of Cook and Bradford Sts., into which the family moved. In 1954, he also built a Dune Shack, which the family still uses today.
Joyce Johnson
Art, Autobiography, Beachcombers Club, Biography, Boats and boating, Bradford Street (Provincetown, Mass.), Cook Street (Provincetown, Mass.), Dune Shacks--Peaked Hill Bars Historic District, East End (Provincetown, Mass.), Families, Fishermen, Fishing, Music, Provincetown (Mass.)--History--20th century, Provincetown Print (White-line woodblock print), Provincetown Printers, Truro (Mass.)--History--20th century, United States Navy, Violinist, Wellfleet (Mass.), Del Deo, Josephine, and Hawthorne, Charles

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