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Lorelei - A Journal of Arts and Letters, 1924

Lorelei - A Journal of Arts and Letters, 1924
'Lorelei - A Journal of Arts and Letters' published in August 1924, Myron Jean Parrot, Editor. Associate editors: Mary Heaton Vorse, Susan Glaspell, Harry Kemp, Maxwell Bodenheim, William Gaston, Wm. Auerbach-Levy. Contributing editors: Charles W. Hawthorne, Tod Lindenmuth, Ross Moffett, Peter Hunt, Lucille Kahn, J. H. Greene, Abigail Marshall, W.H.W. Bicknell, Blanche Stillson, Coulton Waugh, Frank Carson, Lulu Merrick, Marjorie Austen Ryerson. Covered design: Peter Hunt.
Barnstable County (Mass.) History, Cape Cod (Mass.) History, Literature, Poetry, Provincetown (Mass.)--History--20th century, Provincetown Print (White-line woodblock print), Hawthorne, Charles, Hunt, Peter, Kemp, Harry, Moffett, Ross, and Vorse, Mary Heaton

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