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Scrapbook - Provincetown and Cape Cod Book 4

Scrapbook - Provincetown and Cape Cod Book 4
Scrapbook of "Provincetown and Cape Cod" of unknown origin titled "Book 4". Sub-titled "Art and Artists". Covers 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. In no particular order, the following artists are mentioned somewhere in the scrapbook: Ella Du Puy, Joseph Hawthorne (symphony conductor), Charles Hawthorne, Henry Hensche, Ada Rayner, George Elmer Brown, John Frazier, Gerrit Beneker, Bruce McCain, George Yater, Oliver Chaffee, Arthur Diehl, Florida Duncan, Charles Kaeselau, Rosa Lee, Richard Miller, John Noble, Charles Heinz, Molly W. Hand, Frederick J. Waugh, Elizabeth Waugh (hooked rugs), Harry Church Whorf, Sara Lee Whorf John Whorf, Richard Whorf, William F. Boogar Jr., Donald F. Witherstine, Mildred McMillen, Ada Gilmore Chaffee, Ether Mar, Maud Squire, Blanche Lazell, Karl Knaths, Max Weber, B.J.O. Nordfeldt, Agnes Weinrich, Tod Lindenmuth, Juliette Nichols, Emily Edwards, Mable Pugh, Flora Schofield, Elizabeth S. Taylor, Frederick Philip Dinkelberg, Wallace Bassford, Howard Mitcham, Sol Wilson, Leo Manso, Irving Marantz, Vollian Burr Rann, Maurice Sterne, Ross Moffett, Max Bohm, Charles DeMuth, Lucy L'Engle, Jack Tworkov and Mary Cecil Allen.
Art, Art Museums, Art galleries, Commercial, Barnstable County (Mass.) History, Cape Cod (Mass.) History, Modernism, Modernism (Art), Portraits, Provincetown (Mass.)--History--19th century, Provincetown (Mass.)--History--20th century, Theaters, Bell, John D., Chrysler, Walter, Hoffman, Hans, Hunt, Peter, Moffett, Ross, and Webster, E. Ambrose

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