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National Seashore Correspondence

National Seashore Correspondence
Letter to the editor of the Advocate from Josephine Del Deo regarding a proposed Provincetown marina with the cooperation of the National Park Service to be placed in an advantageous position in the town to be large enough with no strings attached no impaction on the Province Lands. Complete reprint of letter in the Advocate as well as two incomplete copies of original typewritten letter.
Josephine De Deo
Cape Cod (Mass.) History, Cape Cod National Seashore (Mass.), Emergency Committee for the Preservation of the Province Lands. (Provincetown, Mass.), Harbors, Harbors--Provincetown--Mass, Local government -- Massachusetts -- Provincetown, Provincelands, Provincetown Advocate, Provincetown Property Owners Protective Association (Provincetown, Mass.), and Del Deo, Josephine

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