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14 West Vine St

14 West Vine St
Historic District Survey information for 14 West Vine St
Architectural Description: 14 West Vine Street is a 1-story, 3-bay, 1/2 cottage with brick chimney near roof ridge. Entry door is a multi-pane-and-panel with simple surround. Gable dormer on front roof slope. Replacement 1/1 DHS windows. Exterior stair on west (secondary) facade. Partial cornice returns. Rear gable-roof ell facing West Vine Street. Separate entry with historic door and storm. Windows are wood 2/2 DHS. Gable dormer with 1/1 DHS. Door on ell has arched panes, indicating Italianate influence. 2/2 windows likely contemporary with door (late 19th century).
Dwellings, Historic Districts--Massachusetts--Provincetown, and West Vine Street (Provincetown, Mass.)
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